What is in a phrase

While you are traveling sometimes you may hear something that sounds not quite right, or a little different than your use to. No I am not talking about another language but different colloquialisms.

The example that came to my mind yesterday was an experience we had in Barbados. While having lunch a staff member we were talking with said to a new waiter who was a little confused “don’t worry it is all uphill from here” After the waiter left we asked him about this phrase. He explained he was telling the waiter that from this point on it would get better because the higher up the hill you went the better the view was. We thought about this and liked the sentiment in it and talked with him about it. When we told we had a similar phrase he asked what our phrase was, we told him “it’s all downhill from here”

In asking a simple question our understanding of his culture and his understanding of ours grew and changed and became more complex.

In conversation we grow, in questions we learn and in listening we learn.

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