Costa rica part 1

Travel means many things to many people. It can be a way to see the world to a way tor return to a favorite spot or explore a new corner or get from a to b. The nice thing is all these are correct. I know I have looked to travel for escape, relaxation and yes even transportation. But then while on a trip we planned just before we started drinking at Outback I had an realization, Travel was something I wanted to help others do. The story is like this;

Now this was a pretty cool trip. Us our friends John and Crystal as well as there daughter and a friend got up super early and headed down. This was our first real big dealings outside the US. Luckily we had thought about it ahead of time and rented a 7 passenger SUV before we went. The airport was a mad house. So many people wanting to rent us cars, offer us lifts, maybe even sell us cars. we were waived over to a desk and he he was ready to rent us a mini SUV assuring us all our stuff and 6 passengers would fit easily. It would not of. We finally got thru and found the Avis agent outside holding a sign, we got in a van and headed for the rental office. The heat was impressive. We were sweating in no time. The rental office was a small block building, so only the 3 drivers went in. I stayed with the girls so we could melt. While their counter agents who almost didn’t speak English had my wife sign 4 blank credit card forms. When I asked her why she signed she said it was just easier.

So we now have 6 people and enough luggage for a month (we were staying for a week) crammed into a full size SUV and off we go. Shortly after leaving the airport we are stopped so they can check our papers. Then we head down a road, turn onto a dirt road that leads us to a dirt road and then to a dirt paths. We get lost, because the entrance had recently been changed, but the GPS was amazing except for not knowing about the newer drive. We get to the resort and it is magnificent.

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