Costa rica SunsetMy wife and I were on a beach in Costa Rica. The day was warm and the air clean, we had been on am amazing zipline over the rain forest earlier in the day. We were watching the sun set behind a bluff as the waves splash over our toes. My wife turned to say something to me and I pointed behind her and she turned and said "the sunset just keeps getting better every minute". As we started to walk back I turned to my wife and said everyone needs to experience this, the feeling of calm of serenity of nature. So it was this moment that the seeds were planted. It was from that moment that we decided to start this business to help you find your bliss.

If your looking for your trip of a lifetime or need the best rates on a quick trip, we can help. We have turned our love for travel and helping people and combined them to create your travel friends. We are trained and certified to offer you Sandals, Disney, and somany cruiselines. We are constantly staying upto date on the latest deals out there. 

Cruises are a wonderful way to travel, vacation, and see more of the world. Currently we deal with over 30 cruise lines and can find you the right one. Whether your looking for a relax in the Caribbean, take in the old world on a river cruise, be adventurous on an Alaskan cruise, or something a little more eclectic like a sailboat around the world we can help you.
We are hear to help you find your relaxation, your getaway from the worlds stress, YOUR BLISS.

To find out how we can find your cruise, all inclusive, hotel, car rental, or whatever other travel needs you have,  please contact us and Tania or myself will gladly help you.

Go ahead and poke around, find what you need and then contact us.


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