Puppy Hotel stay

Traveling with a pup can be a lot of fun. It does take a little more planning.

You have to find and compare prices on different hotels and find ones that accept dogs. A few things to keep an eye out for.

Are you limited to certain room categories?

Many hotels put a limit to the location or type of room you can have pets in.

How much are the pet fees and how are they charged.

These are big area to pay attention to. Some charge by the night, some charge for the stay, some charge per pet per night, and some charge by the night plus an extra cleaning fee.


Where is your pup allowed to go?

Many hotels that open their doors to furry friends restrict where the friend can go. Some give the pup free range over the outside and provide spaces inside. whereas some limit to specific areas outside and limit you to the pup in your room when you are there only.

Remember to bring a Kennel or Carrier.

Pretty much all hotels are going to require your friend to be in a kennel or carrier for at least the time you are not in the room with them. Some actually do not allow unattended pups in the rooms, so that is one more thing to look for.

In conclusion traveling with your best friend is the best but remember a little planning can make the trip better. Oh, and that is where we can help.


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