Hints for better pup travels

One of the best things you can do with your furry friend is explore the world together. These are some tips we have gathered from traveling with Willow that might help your travels go better.

Pack a blanket with you. This will give your friend something familiar in a strange and unfamiliar place. Willow sleeps in bed with us so we bring the top blanket with us she can smell home. She hops right up and settles down on the new bed like it was home.

In this same vein bring a toy or toys your friend loved. This may not be the time to introduce all new toys. Of course a new toy is always appreciated, but just make sure to bring some familiar ones also.

When you get to your new temporary home allow your friend to sniff around and explore alittle. This is true in a hotel room or a campsite. We always give Willow some extra time to feel like she knows where she is.



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