Plan B Travel

Being able to roll with what travel brings you is an important skill to have. Travel as life sometimes does not go as planned and being able to find the new magic in what is presented can make the difference between a great trip and a ruined vacation.
This was brought to mind this weekend as my wife and I sat in traffic waiting to get to see Cats at the Kennedy Center. We have seen many plays at the Kennedy so we allotted enough time to get there, park, get lunch and make our 1:30 show. Well a torrential rain downpour, two accidents ahead of us and almost stand still traffic ate away our cushion. We were looking at the ETA and we were now at 12:54 and climbing. Rather than get upset we talked about our options and decided if it got to ETA of 1:15 or later we would just go get lunch and visit a museum or the MGM casino. (Not feeling like we would have enough time for parking, bathroom, and finding our seats before the show began)
We did not get upset or complain we would miss the show we paid good money to see. We ended up making the show and in our seats with 10 minutes to spare.
Remember the journey you take and enjoyment you get is totally determined by you and how you handle the bumps that may come. or
“Learn to surf whatever life throws at you.” ― Gustavo Razzetti.

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