Hotel Weyanoke part 2 Restaurants

Next on our Local Stars I want to talk about the 3 wonderful restaurants we discovered at Hotel Weyanoke. All 3 have their own unique personality and are great places to grab a bite or drink.

First we start at the bottom, not bottom of the list just the bottom of the hotel.  The Taproot Tavern

The atmosphere inside was really great. It had a cool, speakeasy, dinner club, small tavern kind of feel.

May be an image of indoor

We sat at the bar and talked with the bartender. We talked about how the hotel was doing and that the  Taproot had just reopened. She was really friendly and made really good drinks. We ordered drinks and our meal to split and enjoyed our little hideaway.

Taproom Drinks

We usually get a meal to split, portions sizes are so large at most restaurants that we get plenty. Also we find most food ok so we do not regret stuffing ourselves with ok food. Well, this is one of the times I wish we each had each gotten something. We got the Herb Crusted Salmon with citrus butter sauce, and garlic whipped mashed potatoes. This is one of the best Salmons I have ever eaten. The texture was light flakey and perfect and the taste was so good. The potatoes were light, creamy and had a wonderful garlic flavor without just tasting the garlic. The drinks we got with the dinner were also very tasty.  Tania got a Raspberry Lime Rickey (house special) and I got an Old Fashion (with Bulleit Bourbon)

Next let’s go to the top of the hotel and the Catbird Rooftop Terrace.

This is a nice open area with lots of seating options. We picked a couple of comfortable chairs with a small table. The view was really amazing.

Catbird view

We were still full from the wonderful Salmon, although the pizza looked really good.

Catbird drinks

We each got a drink and relaxed and enjoyed. Tania got the Rooftop Breeze and I got the Hawaiian Mai Tai. Tania’s drink here was the best we had during our stay. We got there just before sunset when the sky was still bright and the shadows were just starting to come visit. And as the sun set the view just keep getting better

Once the sun went down we followed and had a great nights sleep. The next morning we checked out the main restaurant EFFINGHAM’S for brunch

Effinghams 2-Edit.jpg

This was a wonderfully bright cheery space. With lots of public table space as well as some smaller tables toward the front We got a nice table for two with a great view out.

I got the Chicken and Waffles, described as Crispy Chicken, Cracked Pepper-Maple Syrup served over a Bacon Waffle.  It was so good. Tania got the Belgian Waffles, Malted House-made Waffle with Whipped Cream and Fresh Fruit. They were both delicious.

In fact everything was so good we are planning our next trip back around the restaurants they have.

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