Hotel Weyanoke part 1

This is the first in a series of Local Stars. As we start to explore more we need places that will be amazing and not just ok. That is the reason for this, to help you have the best time you can.

front of hotel;

After a year and a half we were ready to see what we could find. With that in mind we looked at so many properties trying to find the right place for our newest adventure. We narrowed it down to a short list and the first one set the bar very high.

Hotel Lobby


It is always great to start a stay with an inviting lobby and a  friendly greeting when you enter the hotel. The lobby was the start of what we would see through out the hotel. Clean, simple lines with just a very fresh feel. The 2 people working the front desk were very helpful and friendly. They answered many questions and checked us in to the perfect room.

The room was so clean and felt again fresh. If you told me they had just painted it no one else had stayed in the room before us, I would believe you. ( I asked that did not happen) And I love places that have well thought out features. There was a large mirror as you came in with 3 wall mounted lights running beside it to fully illuminate you, without being so bright that it was blinding. The wall of closets with sliding doors had 3 sections including a full hanging area, and little food area with microwave and refrigerator, and the third was a half hang area with gentle close drawers and an automatic light.   The 2 chairs were comfortable and the table opposite the bed was just perfect for a laptop, books, or whatever you wanted to put on it. The lines of everything in the room were simple and the décor cute without being too much. Oh and the bed was very comfortable, we slept really well.

The bathroom was very nice, with motion sensing under counter lighting so that at night a little light comes on, but not so much you wake everyone up. The shower, well was exactly what a shower should be. Large tiled walk-in , with the water adjustment out of the water flow so you can adjust the water without scalding or freezing your butt off. Counter space was good with 2 layers of counter to give even more room. OH, and the robes were really nice and soft and you could just wrap yourself in them (I did)

We had a cute little balcony with 2 wooden chairs and a little table. The view was over Farmville and … OH wait, did I forget to mention this wonderfully cute boutique hotel is located in Farmville Virginia. Just a quick trip from us. And the rates were awesome. We would have never expected a hotel of this quality outside of a major city.


The hotel also had available bikes for just $15 for 2 hours(that is for 2 bikes, 2 bottles of water and a bag of trail mix). Why bikes you ask, well with the High Bridge Trail State Park just 2 blocks away you have a smooth flat 31 miles of trail. The trail was originally a railroad line and was converted to a beautiful biking/walking trail as part of the rail-to-trail project. By the way we did not ride the entire 31 miles, but the bridge is just over 4 miles and worth checking out.

Oh and if you want to do some shopping Farmville has some wonderful shops including Green Front Furniture, a multiple building furniture mecca.

Wait I have not even told you about the restaurants they had. With 3 on site restaurants each serving up great food with such cool atmosphere I think they will need there own entry. More to come.


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