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You have booked a great romantic cruise. You got a great deal on an inside cabin, and that enabled you to get a longer cruise. You board the the ship and head to your room. And you realize you will be spending your 2 week romantic cruise in bunk beds.

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Better yet you go to bed and realize you can hear music from the bar below you in your cabin. That is ok because you wake up at 6 am to the sound of chairs being dragged as they get the lounge chairs ready around the pool that is right over your cabin.

These are just a few of the things that can happen with a bad cabin selection.  I will try and give you some suggestions on what we look at when we find the perfect cabin on your next cruise.

When booking make sure you get the option to select a cabin. You do this by not selecting a guarantee cabin. These are slightly lower priced cabins that the cruise-line will assign after everyone else has selected the good cabins.

Look at the deck-plan and understand where on the ship your cabin is. Cabins toward the middle of the ship tend to have less motion. Moving toward the back you will increase the rocking motion and moving to the front really increases the motion. Also the closer you are to the water the less motion you will feel. So middle ship on the lowest level means you will not feel as much of the ocean as you would on the top deck at the front of the ship.

Understand the room category you are looking at. Some rooms have obstructed views. This means that your balcony may look right into the side of a lifeboat. Or you ocean-view cabin may have a window that looks out onto a public walking area before you get to the ocean.

Next look at where elevators and stairs are. Being next to the elevators and stairs may be convenient, but being right across from them will be very noisy as people tend to gather and talk while waiting for the elevators.

Now look above the cabin you are thinking of and below the cabin you are thinking of. You want a cabin with cabins above and below you. If you have a restaurant, bar,  or casino above or below you they can be very noisy at hours that may not fit your schedule. Also look out for theaters as they will have shows later in the night sometimes and that may not be great for you. Next the pool, being under a pool deck means you may get woken up to the sound of deck chairs being put back into rows as the staff try and fix what your fellow cruisers did the day before. Lastly the areas that do not have any labels are service areas for the crew. these can and will get activity all hours of the day and night as the ship is very much a 24 hour endeavor.

Now you have some idea of what to look at when selecting a cabin for your cruise. Of course you could just call us and we will look at this plus much more to try and find you the right cabin for your cruise.

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