Vacations Cancelled

I know everyone has heard cruises are cancelled, amusement parks and resorts are closed, airlines have cancelled flights, and countries have closed their borders. There is a lot of information out their and some of it is  confusing, some of it is very complicated and some of it is just wrong. I get on average 50 emails a day with updates on policy changes, schedule updates, and information from individual countries on there current status. I want to help you get to the information you need for your upcoming trip. Even if you are just thinking about it right now, so I ask how can I help.

I want to start with some links to get the most accurate information on Covid-19. These sources are available to educate yourself and get the most upto date information.

Now lets talk about cruises.

Each company and each individual cruiseline has set dates for when they plan to start back operations. Some of these dates are as early as April 2 for Costa Cruises and some have dates as far out as August 7 for Virgin Voyages launch. Understand these dates are when they hope to return to operation. These dates may change and some additional cruises may and probably will be cancelled as this is a very fluid situation.

Also each cruiseline has adopted policies for the cruises they had to cancel, but also for cruises that may be upcoming if you do not feel comfortable and wish to cancel your upcoming cruise. The best place for the most accurate information is the cruiselines website, Or reach out to me and I will walk you through the policy as some of them are complicated and some of them change daily.

The best advice I can give is stay calm and take this time to call one another and say hi, oh and maybe plan a cruise for next year. I will be waiting on your call.

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