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After a wonderful nights sleep on board our luxury floating hotel (after all that is really what it was) we awoke and headed down to get us some fresh coffee. The breakfast was served both buffet and menu driven. We enjoyed our breakfast and coffee with our friend Olis. We discussed the coming Bamberg and which tour we were taking. We were on the same one, but in a different group, but ended up at the same place for smoked beer.

After breakfast we got ready for our excursion. To help you be able to hear your guide we all got in our rooms listening devices. These were light weight and had an ear piece so you could hear the tour guide without them shouting or competing with other guides.

Our first stop of the cruise was to be in Bamberg. Now we have disembarked from ocean cruise ships. Waiting in long lines or sitting in stuffy cramped lounges for half an hour waiting to be cued up so you can make your way ashore. This was not that. We walked off the ship, met our tour guide, and followed her to lovely river path.

The path led us down the banks of the river and across a flower lined bridge to enter Bamberg downtown area. Up a short hill and we came to a magnificent building.

Bamberg Cathedral (official name Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg) was completed in the 13th century. The cathedral is under the administration of the Roman Catholic Church and is the seat of the Archbishop of Bamberg.

Inside was very beautiful, these pictures do not due the scale or beauty justice.

This english garden was close by and really wonderful.

Old town hall (Altes Rathaus) in Bamberg

Built in 1386 the old town hall sits in the middle of the river Regnitz. According to legend the bishop of Bamberg did not grant the citizens any land for the construction of a town hall. This prompted the townsfolk to ram stakes into the river Regnitz to create an artificial island, on which they built the town hall they so badly wanted.

On the bridge to the old town hall you notice the frescoes that are so impressive as they lend the facades a three-dimensional quality achieved with trompe d'oeil architecture.  Also you see the other bridge with faces cut into the moss growing on it.

Bamberg's famous Rauchbier  (smoked beer) was good. We were told it would have a kind of a bacon flavor, although we did not get that. Maybe you will.

The Old Bamberg Hospital was the most modern Hospital in all of Europe when it opened in 1789. A charity hospital using the latest discoveries in medicine and hygiene. Within 2 years it full so this building had to be built to house all surgeries. It is now the town archive. The sign is part of the Bamberg river trail.

Afterwards we got back on board and set off for another adventure.

So one interesting feature of this cruise is that we pass through 52 Locks. This was our view out our balcony in the first Lock we were awake for.

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