Castle River Cruise p.2

Day 2 of our European journey starts with breakfast at our hotel, Hotel Victoria. This was a nice buffet with lots of options and really good coffee. The architecture of the building was really beautiful.

On the staircase in the hotel they had little signs of encouragement that I thought were awesome( they had an elevator, but the stairs were just so beautiful)

We had several hours before we could head to the ship so we explored the old town some more. They had so many shopping options and so many cafes and wonderful little stands, we could have spent days exploring.

The old town section of Nuremberg is a walled section that has its roots back to 1050. In the middle ages the completely walled city had a moat all the way around the walls and the river Regnitz running through the center of the city.  The current area acts as a small city within the larger city.

So many cool bridges

Maxbruecke, this is the oldest stone bridge built within Nuremberg.

FLEISCHBRUCKE (Meat Bridge) was built between 1596 and 1598, the bridge is known for being quite astonishing for that time. When it was completed it was it was the largest masonry bridge arch in Germany, and was also unusually wide and very flat (making it easy to cross). Perhaps the most significant thing is this bridge is pretty much unchanged since it was complete.

Before heading over to the ship we we visited Hauptmarkt the food market of old town. We got a Nürnberger Rostbratwürstchen (a special sausage Nuremberg is known for)

The Church of Our Lady is the centerpiece of the square and and has Mӓnnleinlaufen, the mechanical clock that puts on a great show every day at noon. We did not capture video of it, but if you look it is easy to find.

We then got a taxi and headed for our home on the river for the next 7 days.

The AmaDante welcomed us on board and we went straight to our cabin, even though it was only 1 o'clock. The staff were great and our luggage was brought to us almost before we could sit down in the cabin.

I had the feeling this was going to be a very nice trip.


We met several passengers during the meet and greet sip and sail, before heading down to a very delicious dinner.

This is one of our new friend Olis. This was her 9th Ama cruise. Turns out she even wrote a story about traveling solo. Have a look  We ended up having most meals with her and even enjoyed her birthday cake with her.

As we were sailing out of Nuremberg we passed by a pyramid and since it was about the last thing I expected I took a picture just to prove I wasn't dreaming. Anyone want to spend the night in a pyramid in Germany?

After dinner and some socializing we then headed off to dreamtime and our first stop on our cruise as the ship floated on down the river Regnitz toward the Main River.


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