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Virtual Tours of the Arts: Museums, Operas, and Broadway brought to you by viator

Museums, operas, street art, concert halls, etc. are always some of the top priorities when we’re traveling so we think this is a good place to start your virtual travels. Art is universal and can be enjoyed and can evoke emotion even while you sit on your couch.

British Museum, London

A popular site in London for some of the best galleries and exhibits, the so-called “Museum of the World” offers a very interactive and easy-to-navigate virtual experience. It’s divided up by sections of the world, offering a very similar experience that an in-person visit would.Take the virtual tour →

Guggenheim Museum, New York

No matter where you are, the stunning architecture of the Guggenheim Museum is something to be admired. This virtual tour allows you to literally walk through the museum as you would on Google Maps street view, admiring both the art work on the walls and the art work in the architecture.Take the virtual tour →

The Louvre, Paris

It was a sad moment when we all saw the Louvre close its doors recently. But with the museum’s online tours, you can see the best of the Louvre, from Egyption antiquities to the Galerie d’Apollon. Take the virtual tour →

The Metropolitan Opera, New York

Feel cultured (even when wearing sweatpants!) by spending a night at the Metropolitan Opera. Performances will stream live each night. Each performance will become available at 7:30PM EDT in case you can’t make the live performance.Go to the virtual opera →

Stream Broadway Musicals

Bring the excitement of a Broadway musical in your home. Even better, there are 7 day free trials for you to test out the service, but $8.99 a month is a steal when we’re talking Broadway prices!Stream Broadway musicals →

The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum features 2 stories/online exhibits that provide context to the paintings and how they relate to Van Gogh throughout his life. Take the virtual tour →

Art Institute of Chicago

Have your very own Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (at home!) at the Art Institute of Chicago. Through Google Map’s street view technology, you can walk through the museum and get close to the paintings – just don’t touch the artwork! Take the virtual tour →

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

This virtual tour let’s you get up close and personal with the artwork – and close enough to read the information placards. Take your time on this tour, without worrying about spending too much time in front of one piece.

Take the virtual tour →

Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Berlin’s art scene is renowned around the world, so a virtual stop by this museum is a must do. Although you cannot physically walk to the other museums located on the infamous Museum Island, you can virtually tour them, such as the Bode Museum.Take the virtual tour →

Vatican Museums, Vatican City

These virtual tours of the Vatican Museums offer a 360 degree view of top favorites like the Sistine el and Raphael’s Rooms. Even better, you didn’t have to wait in those impossibly long lines!Take the virtual tour →

Berliner Philharmoniker

Although it is now closed, the Berliner Philharmoniker has now made it’s Digital Concert Hall free for everyone using voucher code BERLINPHIL. Just redeem that code by March 31!Attend the virtual Philharmoniker →

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

This museum, made famous by a notorious heist in 1990, is more than just a building with some paintings in it. The architecture alone is a piece of art, and the curated collection of pieces is one to be admired world-wide.Take the virtual tour →

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