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We enjoyed a scenic morning cruise along the Moselle to Trier, Germany’s oldest city, renowned for its rich ancient Roman past, and referred to as the Rome of the North as it has impressive Roman relics and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We started with a short drive to the top of the mountainside vineyard to take a look at this beautiful city.

We visited the The Aula Palatina or Basilica of Constantine, built in the 4th century it was commissioned by Roman Emperor Constantine. The basilica contains the largest hall from early European history and is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hall has a length of 220 ft, a width 86 ft and a height of 108 ft. Our guide told us an architectural convention was held there in 2018 and they marveled and could not figure out how it was constructed.

We then went around the corner to the Electoral Palace built by archbishop Lothar von Metternich.  He connected his palace with the basilica. It is now used mostly as government offices.

We then walked over to The Liebfrauenkirche, German for Church of Our Lady, the oldest Gothic church in Germany

From here we had a few hours of free time so we took a look around. Really everywhere we turned in Trier was amazing, so much to see.

Next we had a seat in one of the squares and had a nice coffee and watched the people.

When we met back up with our group we headed down to the Porta Nigra (Black Gate). Part of the city walls the gate was built in 170 A.D.

While waiting for the group to come together our guide pointed out Karl Marx's boyhood home. He pointed out it now had an euro store below it.

We then headed back to the ship for a short sail to Luxembourg.

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