Castle River Cruise p7

The next morning we woke up already in fairy tale town of Cochem and had a visit to the Reichsburg Castle excursion planned. We decided to skip the tour and relax on the boat for a leisurely morning.  Now a really nice thing about river cruising is you actually stop in the center of these small cities and towns that grew up along the river. So we did not miss the bus to the city we just stepped off into the city.

We walked across the bridge and got some really cool pictures including one of our ship.

We are the second one in line.

We decided to walk up to the castle, we had a city map with us as always. We tried following the directions to find the way up, but it is important to always be looking around and when back over your shoulder you see the castle, turn around.

We found the hiking trail up to the castle and was rewarded with great views.


Oh, and I have said you can always make new friends.

We headed back down the road into Cochem.

The tower you see is St Martin Kirche and the windows inside were so colorful and full of beauty.

We got back on board for our next adventure in the little town of Zell, famous for its Riesling and the well-known arched black cat icon, often seen on the labels of local German wines. Experience the hospitality of the citizens of Zell, including the local Wine Queen and Mayor, at an exclusive wine festival where you’ll sample local wines, sausages and more.

So as I have mentioned we are not big wine people, so when as we pulled into Zell  we decided to skip the Black Cat Festival and wine tasting. My wife sail she wanted pizza, I was like where are we going to find pizza in Germany. She pointed to the Italian restaurant that we had just docked across from.

The restaurant was owned by a couple from Italy. The pizza and beer were both DELICIOUS!!

And we had great seats for the parade. After eating and the parade we walked across the city bridge to the other side of the Rhine and got a great view of our ship.

Oh and the storm that was coming

We just did not make it back to the boat in time. But we did not get too wet. Hot Chocolate in the lounge while we watch the rain on the river, yes please.

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