Castle River Cruise p5

Fritz Frischmuth bakery has been handed down  through 13 generations of the same family.

The owner has been a pretzel maker all his life and is flown all over the world to train chefs in the classic baking traditions. He said it was a wonderful life, oh and we were surprised he is 62.

These half-timbered houses are a standard in Germany architectural style. The more fancy the detail on your home was a sign of how affluent you were.

This smalteblau, (blue house), dates back to 1593. Houses that used blue were really special as the blue was very rare and very expensive.

We set sail and had a chance to enjoy the top sun deck. It was closed the first few days because some of the locks were so short we could not have made it. You also can see the bikes that were available to use at any port we stopped at.

Speaking of locks here we are lining up for one. We then went back to our cabin, opened the window and watched Germany roll on by.

The views along the river Main

And finally sunset on the river.

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