Castle river Cruise p.1

We arrived in Nuremberg the day before our cruise. We figured this would make sure we did not have any flight issues to interfere with the cruise and gave us some time to explore. It also gave us an extra day to get our clocks adjusted so jet lag would not mar our first day on the boat. Luckily our flights went well. We did have an issue of Tania not having a seat and the airline wanting us t upgrade from Economy Premium to first Class. They had oversold EP. We choose not to upgrade for $1200. So instead we got nice seats together that leaned back nicely. On board we got a dinner, than a blanket and went to sleep. (it was midnight) We woke to breakfast and arriving in Munich. Short layover and lesson on how to use the coffee machine, and we landed in Nuremberg around 4pm.

I am so glad we did this. Nuremberg is a lovely city and the old town is a walking dream. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel Victoria a wonderful little hotel right on the edge of the walled old town.

It was bright and very friendly, the staff spoke English and got us checked in and informed us there was free bottled water (glass bottles) always available in the lobby refrigerator. The room was not fancy, but it was nice and was all we needed for the night we would staying there.

We dropped our stuff off and headed out to explore the neighborhood. I wish we lived in an area like this. Lots of friendly people, stands selling everything from fresh fruit to sausages (more on that tomorrow) to coffee and ice cream.

Our goal for this evening was to find some food, we were hungry and we had so many restaurants to choose from. We settled on one that had a great deal of outside dining, it was a wonderful evening and we wanted to people watch.

The people watching was good, the beer was better and the food was even better (my wife swears it was the best sour cream she ever had). She got turkey medallions with baked potato and sour cream (did I tell you she says it is the best sour cream ever, we are planning a trip back for the sour cream), while I opted for a steak and every bit of it wonderful, oh and my wife would be mad if I did not mention the sour cream was really good.

From here we walked around a little and took in the great views. The Castle at the top of the old town dates back to 1050..

After some looking around we  headed backto our hotel, we had had a long day and the bed was calling.

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